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Embrace the power of journaling to manage anxiety, stress and mindfulness. All ideas, feelings and thoughts are private and safely encrypted in our database.

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Writing will help you to gather insights and to organize your thoughts. Capture your learnings and experiences in authentic stories. No marketing and judgement here.

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Collect your stories in a private journal. Keep this journal to yourself, or get support from friends and shareholders.

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Inspire others with your authentic stories, straight from your journal. Share your journal publicly, and support us in our mission to 'build a sustainable Mindwave'.

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Loved by founders and makers

‘Not logging my journey is what I regret the most after 18 years of entrepreneurship.’ - Marcel Hagedoorn, maker (and first user) Mindwave
‘Sharing specific stories with close friends is a big plus compared to other journals I've used.’ - Raymond Klompsma, co-founder
‘Mindwave helps me to focus on a mindful and enjoyable journey.’ - Daan de Beer, co-founder Rupert on a Stick
‘A great personal (b)logging space for entrepreneurial people’ - Martijn van der Weide, maker Mizzy

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